• October 16, 2021
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  • Sign Up for DRIVE Now!
    Updated On: Sep 22, 2021

    DRIVE = Democratic, Republican, Independent, Voter, Education

    Big Business spends big money in Washington to influence members of Congress and push their anti-worker plans.  They outspend working families on politics by more than 15-1.

    Through grassroots political action and aggressive lobbying on Capitol Hill and in State Houses and City Halls across America, Teamsters have stopped some of the worst attacks on working people.

    But Big Business is pushing their agenda harder than ever.  That means we have to fight back stronger than ever.  And we have to move forward with our own programs, like improving job safety, fighting for affordable childcare, and stopping abuses by corporate health providers and insurance companies.

    You can take a stand for working families by contributing to DRIVE - the Teamsters' political action committee.  Your contribution will support grassroots action by Teamster families to stand up to Big Business interests.

    Please go to our Political Page and Click on DRIVE for a link to sign up.

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