Teamsters Life with Dues Benefit Trust

Teamsters Local Union No. 455 provides your Beneficiary a Life Benefit if you pass away while a member in good standing with your local union. The following is a brief summary of your Plan Benefits:

Your Current Plan Benefit $5,000
Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible to participate in the Plan if you are a Member of a Local Union that participated in the Plan and you are in Good Standing with your Local Union.

Special Eligibility for Seasonal Workers. Please see Plan documents and your Local Union for further details.

You Can Lose Your Eligibility

Failing to remain in Good Standing with your Local Union.

If you are a Seasonal Employee or Agricultural Worker who is not required to pay union dues during a layoff, when you fail to make a required contribution to your Local Union during a layoff to maintain membership.

Your Eligibility Can Be Extended if You Leave Teamster Employment

While you are in Good Standing with your Local Union you become totally disabled, your eligibility can be extended for up to two (2) years during the time you are disabled. Please see Plan documents and Local Union for further details.

While you are in Good Standing with your Local Union you are called to Active Military Duty and your military service is covered under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994, as amended, then you will continue to be an eligible participant during your time of service and for a period of thirty (30) days after your discharge.

Extension of Benefits Please contact your Local Union to complete to necessary forms for an extension of eligibility to be granted.
Naming a Beneficiary

You may name one or more persons as a Beneficiary on a Designation of Beneficiary Form. This form is provided to you by your Local Union.

If you don’t name a beneficiary, the Plan will pay your Member Life Benefit or Accidental Death Benefit in Preferential Beneficiary order (please see Plan Documents for further details).

What happens if I designated my Spouse or State Registered Domestic Partner and then get a Divorce or the Domestic Partnership is Terminated? If you become divorced or your state registered domestic partnership is terminated, the designation of your former spouse or former state registered domestic partner as a Beneficiary will be canceled automatically. If you want that person to continue to be your beneficiary, you must re-designate them as a Beneficiary after the divorce or termination of your state registered domestic partnership from him or her to receive the Benefits.

This summary is not intended to be an all-inclusive description of Plan benefits and does not cover all limitations or exclusions. This summary should not be used in lieu of the Summary Plan Description. While every effort has been made to ensure this information is accurate, if there are any discrepancies between this summary and the official Plan documents, the official Plan documents govern. Please refer to plan booklets for complete details.