• October 29, 2020
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      Sysco Strike 2019
      Sysco Strike 2019
      Aurora UPS Workers
      Local 455 Members Negotiations Team US Foods
      UPS Boulder Package Drivers
      Local 455 Members UPS Boulder Package Drivers
      UPS DIA 455 members
      Imery's Perlite, Antonito Colorado, Teamsters Local 455 Members
      Ratified Another Successful Contract
      Part of the Transervice Bargaining Team
      YRC Mechanics
      YRC Members
      YRC Members
      YRC Members
      Univar Members
      Hamilton Towel Members
      Hamilton Towel Members
      Hertz Members
      Hertz Members
      Meadow Gold Member
      Meadow Gold Members
      Meadow Gold Member
      UPS Englewood CO
      UPS Englewood CO
      G&K Members
      G&K Members
      US Foods Members
      Sysco Member
      US Foods Members
      Transervice Logistics Drivers
      Mark Ibsen and Keith Pettera
      US Foods Members
      Protect Our Pensions!

      I am extremely thankful for the support of the members of Teamsters Local Union No. 455 who had the confidence to re-elect myself and the rest of the Executive Board members to another 3 years of service.  Being an effective leader involves listening, translating your concerns into workable proposals, and then being able to implement them.

      Colorado Workforce Center Information

      Colorado Workforce Center has a few things that might help our members navigate employment when furloughed. The DOL has packets you can request from the Co. work  Center. These fall under “Rapid response” for those to be furloughed to the street. You can also go on the web at www.colorado.gov/cdle To register for work go to www.connectingcolorado.

      Teamsters Women's Conference Director Nina Bugbee Joins Teamsters in Celebrating 100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment Giving Women Right to Vote

      August 18, 2020, marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. It’s been a century since women could first cast a ballot.

      Steven P. Vairma

      Steve Vairma's Column:

      President doesn't deserve your vote

      When Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, thousands of workers throughout the country cast votes for him, believing he would work hard to support them and their families.  That's what he promised during the campaign.

      Unfortunately, President Trump's four-year record belies his campaign rhetoric.  Even so, despite his vicious first-term attacks on labor, many working men and women apparently still support him.

      We certainly won't argue that these workers don't have the right to support whomever they wish; we have never told our members to vote for any candidate, and we never will.

      Our recommendations are based on the candidate's views on labor issues, such as workplace rights, adequate wages, hours of work, working conditions and job safety and health protections.  We never endorse candidates on matters other than bread and butter worker issues.

      We didn't endorse President Trump in 2016, for many reasons.  Among them, most important was that he had historically favored so-called right-to-work laws, passage of which would almost immediately reduce wages of American workers.

      During the 2016 campaign he privately promised to support a national right-to-work law.

      "I like right-to-work; gotta have right-to-work," he told a business group.  Fortunately, with a divided Congress he never got a chance.

      Trump was elected in 2016 by voters who wanted the country to be run by a businessman.  They either forgot or didn't know Trump's brand of business - six bankruptcies that eliminated jobs and stiffed creditors.  He's now thought to be 400 million dollars in debt and has paid little or no income tax for many years.

      "Cheating, screaming and ripping off workers is Donald Trump tradition that goes back decades" said Robert Weissman, president of a Washington research group, during the lockout of 8,000 federal workers in 2018.

      Trump's overblown tax cut gave most of the money to corporations and the wealthiest one percent of the population.

      Unemployment  has been at record levels, and our national deficit has passed from millions into trillions.  He promised to bring back all of the factory jobs we've lost to other countries.  He didn't.  Instead, more jobs were moved overseas.

      The president also has said those so called "entitlements" that American workers largely pay for - Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - may be sacrificed to pay down the growing deficit.

      Another pledge was that his administration would provide the best health care ever, but instead they seek to cut an estimated 25 million people off Obamacare.

      Oh, he said, confidently, Mexico will pay for the wall; no doubt about it.  Not so.  Taxpayers now are footing the bill while Steve Bannon and his buddies are charged with using millions of dollars in wall contributions for their own personal use.

      And, of course, while the president fiddles, the death toll of the corona virus has climbed inexorably to more than 200,000 fatalities and counting.

      The Teamsters didn't endorse him 2016, and we're certainly not endorsing him in 2020.  We sincerely believe the president has been, is currently and will always be a foe of the American workforce.

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      • Find out how to make sure your voice is heard during this critical election cycle. Click here to visit TeamstersVote.com.
      • The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is closely monitoring the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Working with other unions, public health officials and other experts in our Safety and Health Department, he Teamsters Union is focused on providing our affiliate locals, 1.4 million members, and staff with the most up-to-date information and resources to help everyone in this difficult time.
      • Teamster members at First Student will vote soon on their third National Master Agreement. Information about the tentative agreement and the voting process is posted below. Check this page regularly for updates.
      • This webpage provides information on the Teamsters Union’s legislative advocacy at both the federal and state level as well as our field activity to support those policy positions and to get strong labor candidates elected to office.
      • On May 22, Hertz declared bankruptcy. The Teamsters Industrial Trades Division will continue to update local unions, and the nearly 6,000 Teamsters at Hertz and its affiliates, on key developments in the bankruptcy. We will post relevant information in this …
      • Workers’ pensions are being endangered by both Congress and those charged with overseeing them. The Teamsters and our members are standing united to say “No!” to cuts and “Yes!” to greater retirement security!
      • IT’S TIME TO DEMAND OUR WORTH! Years ago the entire ready-mix industry throughout the United States was dominated by organized labor. Working in this field was a strong pathway to middle-class prosperity.
      • Teamsters at Republic Services/Allied Waste have stood together in recent years to fight for strong contracts, including going on strike and supporting their fellow striking workers. Workers continue to fight for strong contracts that include retirement security at the second …
      • Teamsters are been standing together to protect good jobs at Sysco and US Foods. Our solidarity on many fronts helped to defeat the mega-merger of the two companies, which would have put thousands of jobs at risk. But challenges remain …
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