Local 455 Stewards Pack Black Hawk for 2023 Training, Solidarity

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Teamsters Local 455
|September 26, 2023

Local 455 Teamster stewards packed Black Hawk, CO, this weekend for the 2023 Steward's training, a chance to sharpen their skills, fine-tune their focus and share some solidarity. More than 150 stewards filled the ballroom of the Ameristar Hotel, representing employers in the bakery-laundry, freight, airline, warehouse, parcel and other Teamster industries.

Stewards heard from law enforcement about hours-of-service regulations and violations; learned the value of political engagement -- federal, state and local; worked through grievance case-studies; reviewed the 2023 UPS Agreement and shared some well-deserved solidarity.

Alan Frisbee, President

Vice President Herb Whitaker

The Young Regulators, a select group of Young Stewards dedicated to supporting existing Teamsters and organizing new ones, chanted, "Leaner, Meaner, Greener, and wowed the crowd with their passion and dedication to the labor movement and their Brothers and Sisters.

Young Regulators 2023 Stewards Training

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold shared stories of her working-class childhood and her determination to ensure all working families have access to the ballot box to make their voices heard about labor issues.

CO Sec of State Jena Griswold

Said Local 455 Secretary-Treasurer Dean Modecker: "This weekend we stopped wishing for a better future and decided to work for it. We are educated, motivated and accelerated!"


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