Local 455 Teamsters Join SEIU Local 105 Rally, Picket Line at Kaiser

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Teamsters Local 455
|October 06, 2023

Teamsters Local 455 members, elected officials and trade unionists from across the Colorado joined a Friday rally in support of 3,000 SEIU Local 105 members on strike this week as they demand improved staffing and fair wages in the Kaiser Permanente network. 

Approximately 75,000 Kaiser health care employees established pickets nationwide at the hospital system beginning Wednesday for a three-day job action. Picket lines are expected to come down at 6 a.m. Saturday, and SEIU has said to anticipate additional industrial action if the company fails to a fair agreement.

"The energy is just amazing," said Tammy Munoz, Teamsters Local 455 Lobbyist and Political Coordinator, of the strike line outside the Kaiser Permanente East Denver Medical Offices. She said it means the world to workers to see their brothers and sisters from other unions on the line, and noted the excitement over the presence of Big, the Teamsters Joint Council 3 truck.

 "It's important that we are here because we have to stand together against these corporations," Munoz said. "We can't do this by ourselves."

Munoz commended the Colorado House Representatives and Congresspeople and other elected officials who joined the Friday rally: "They are showing their support and their compassion for working people."


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