What is strike pay and how much would I receive?

A. When strikers stop working, they do not receive their normal paychecks, but they will receive some money from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Strike Fund. Many local unions also maintain their own strike funds to help their workers through difficult times. Local strike benefits are determined by the local. Strike benefits from the International Union are based on the following formula:

  • Striking Teamsters get paid weekly. The formula for determining your strike benefit is five times your monthly dues rate, with a minimum payment of $200 a week.
  • Newly organized members who have voted for Teamster representation or have a majority of workers who have signed cards designating the Teamsters as their collective bargaining representative but do not yet have a contract are entitled to $150 per week.
  • Benefits will be paid at the end of the eighth day of being out on strike.

B. Teamsters Local Union No. 455 Strike and Defense Fund is established solely for the purpose of helping to sustain our members and their families during a legally sanctioned strike.

  • Each member will be assessed the amount of $2.00 per month, to be used exclusively for the strike and defense benefit fund. For all purposes this assessment will be considered as Union dues.
  • Local 455 strike benefits are paid at the rate of $$100 per week for the first full week of a legally sanctioned strike, and $125 per week thereafter.
  • Such Benefits would supplement any out of work benefits received from the International Union.
  • To be eligible for Strike and Defense Fund Benefits, a member must be in good standing and shall be available and serve on picket duty when assigned by the Local Union.
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