Teamsters say, "Bring it on UPS"

Dean Modecker
|August 15, 2023

When Teamsters Local 455 UPS members gathered for practice picketing at the UPS Commerce City hub this month, hundreds of our brothers and sisters turned out in force to walk the line, chant, cheer and let UPS management know we're united, we're prepared and we're ready to fight for a fair contract.

Just to be sure everyone heard, members rallied for justice at all six Local 455-represented UPS facilities in Colorado.

But UPS has heard a lot from Local 455 over the past year. Local 455 UPS members have been on the front lines in the fight for justice at the global shipping giant's Colorado facilities, returning wrongly terminated members to their jobs and more than $1.2 million in contract violation settlements to Teamster members' pockets.

As the July 31 contract expiration nears and the threat of a strike increases, Local 455 is prepared to walk that picket line morning, noon, and night until our UPS members have a contract that protects their livelihoods and reflects their true value to our economy.

That means we'll need all our Teamster brothers and sisters ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder because this battle for fairness will touch all out industries. A win at UPS is a win for ll of us; our support will be critical.

Even as we're gearing up for victory at UPS, Local 455 members from all our employers have joined us for member appreciation days at their facilities - from Cargill in Fort Morgan to Western Sugar, Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

These events will continue throughout the summer, so if we haven't seen you yet, stay tuned. We have multiple events on the calendar. Can't wait to see you there.

Until then, remember: Leaner Meaner Greener

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